Tuesday, April 22, 2014

3 Sources For Free Phonics Videos

Okay not to brag, but my three year old is reading (albeit not very many words). What's truly shocking about this was I wasn't even trying to teach her.

She's been picking it up from 2 things, me teaching her older sister, and phonics based T.V. shows and videos we watch.

I won't go as far as saying she's a budding genius, but it's apparent she's a little sponge with propensity for words.  So today I'd love to share some of our favorite phonics videos, because, well ummmm, I guess they work.

Here's a Hooked on Phonics playlist.  The songs and videos are a bit slower paced, which I actually prefer as a mom.  Somehow I reason that slower paced means, they'll learn and not be distracted by the cartoonishness of the video.

We also love the videos on Starfall.com.  This website seriously can't be beat.

We love Starfall website for the great free reading program.  However it use flash, means it doesn't run on iPAD. Fortunately, with the help of a free app, you can access the website - fully functional like on computers #kidsapps #freeapps
(Pinterest source)

And finally the phonics videos and games on PBSkidsgo.org are other huge favorites in this house.

Interactive Whiteboard Games | PBS KIDS  This site is GREAT for use on the smart board!!
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Of course I'm sure the videos have helped all my kids work on their reading, but I'm also sure videos aren't a replacement for books and reading together as a family.  

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