Monday, March 31, 2014

Teaching The Value of Life To Little Ones, And a Perfect Book For Spring

I had the awesome opportunity because of a successful book launch for the ABC's of Freezer Cooking  to attend the Allume Blogging Conference in South Carolina.  I had an amazing time.  

I was able to meet some fabulous bloggers, get connected with some wonderful charities and learn about some awesome books being released by Christian publishers.

It was when I was speaking with a representative from B&H publishing that I learned the story of Angie Smith, the author of "Audrey Bunny."  I immediately started crying and the rep offered to send me a free copy to review on my blog, and one to give away too. Apparently the representative assumed if I cried simply from the back story and synopsis of Audrey Bunny, I'd probably review it favorably.  She was right. 

What makes this book so special: I was initially drawn to this book because of the artwork by Breezy Brookshire, whose blog I've followed on and off for awhile.  Her illustrations remind me of my mother's for one, but they absolutely capture the joy of children in a tender realistic way.

In the book there is a little bunny with a mark over it's heart.  The bunny waits in the toy store, afraid it will spend it's whole life at the bottom of the stuffed animal barrel because of it's imperfection, until a little girl falls in love with the sweet bunny.

The bunny attempts to hide the mark from the little girl whenever they play, only to later discover it was because of the imperfection she chose him.

My children loved the story the story from the first time I read it to them.  In fact my daughter has a bunny that's holding a carrot over it's heart (like the bunny in the book who was always trying to hide it's mark behind something) she's named Audrey that immediately became a favorite toy after reading the book.

What's truly wonderful about the book though is the fact it opens the door to discuss how God made us all, and knit us together in our mother's womb.  In fact there is a discussion section in the back of the book as well.

Why I started crying when talking to the B&H representative:  The story is incredibly sweet yes, but that's not why I started crying at Allume.  I started crying because the whole reason why Angie Smith wrote Audrey Bunny was because she had lost a baby to a horrible heart defect.

While pregnant she was told her child wouldn't survive long after birth.  Rather than terminating the pregnancy she carried her baby.  She felt her baby move in her body, she grew to love her baby, she and her family celebrated the life of her child even though it was terribly brief.

She loved her daughter Audrey because of her heart defect, not in spite of it.  Having dealt with 3 miscarriages, this is why I started crying in front of a complete stranger.  

You can enter the giveaway below, or buy the book on Amazon.

The Giveaway:  I have one hard copy of the book, and for fun I'll also send a sweet little stuffed bunny (one I bought myself) with it.

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