Friday, January 11, 2013

Dive! 5 Minute Friday

So I'm diving into the New Year with all these plans, that I've literally been praying about for years.  The Lord has blessed and been good already.

Blog post ideas, eBook ideas, devotion ideas, homeschool ideas, parenting ideas.  I was ready to dive right in, then my family got stopped in it's tracks as each one of us got picked off by a nasty little virus.

I was hoping to write a post today on inexpensive ways to lose weight, but the three little kids sadly watching too much T.V. because they're too miserable to do anything else prevent me from my plans of diving in to my to-do list.  So instead I chose to participate in a 5 minute Friday, the topic: "Dive."

I'm not allowed to edit my thoughts only write them. I can only take 5 minutes, no tweaking, no changing just 5 minutes.

Long story short, I wish I could dive right in to all my projects right now, but I can't.  The Lord has forced me to take a break from Freezer cooking, writing, and cleaning.

But what a blessing to serve my family.  I will try to work today as if serving my Savior himself, because truly I am when I serve my family.

And now that my 5 minutes are over so is this post.

As I said earlier I'm working on a post about losing weight and not spending a fortune, if you have any fresh ideas leave a comment.

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