Monday, January 7, 2013

For The Desperate Mother

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I know a lot of women who read this blog are just like me.  A younger mom with little children who aren't yet old enough to be independent in much of anything.  I know your weariness and discouragement because I'm RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.  When I heard Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson were releasing a book entitled "Desperate, Hope for the Mom, Who Needs to Breathe" I immediately signed up to get a review copy.

I couldn't wait to read this book, and it did not disappoint.  I've read other books on the subject of early motherhood.  Many were by Christian authors, some by secular publishers.  I've read independently and "big name" published books on this subject.  Out of everything I've read, and believe me I've read a lot, this book is by far heads above the others.  It spoke to a place in my Spirit no other book, save the Bible, ever has.

It's not a book that whines about how hard it is to be a mom, but then turns around and says "But all you need to do is trust in Jesus."  It's not a book that has just another "method" to parent by.  This book shares the message of God's Strength, Hope, Help, Grace, and love.  I truly believe every mother of littles needs to read a copy of this book.

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