Monday, January 14, 2013

2 Arms Are Enough

On days like today when I need a shower, I'm recovering from a nasty little virus, and I'm still in my pajamas at 11:00 am it just seems like two arms just aren't enough.

With a 2 year old dead weight on my shoulder who is too sick and too sad to be put down and a whimpering one year old toddling after us, it just seems like 2 arms aren't enough.

With everyone sick, and me trying to sanitize the "important" things and wash down everything that I'm able, it just seems like 2 arms aren't enough.

Breaking up squabbles, while trying to get everyone fed, praying to the Lord that they'll all keep down whatever I feed them, it just seems like 2 arms aren't enough.

If only I had one more hand to clean, to hold, or to help.  If only I was able to do a little more.  "Mommy needs both hands right now," has been a reoccurring phrase in our home this week and each time it's met with sobs from little hearts that just need comfort.

If I had an extra arm maybe I'd win the biological warfare that's being waged in our home, maybe I'd get the carpet vacuumed, maybe I'd get the furniture dusted.

But 2 arms are enough to hold and help the children who need me.  They're enough to take care of the little ones who just need a little comfort.

2 arms are enough, because I have a God who helps in my time of trouble.  I have a God who I can turn to when I need strength.

2 Arms are enough because  I have a God who I call Lord, who is more than enough.

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