Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Ultimate Christmas Blog Hop

Welcome back for WEEK 3 of the "Ultimate Christmas Blog Hop!"  If you were here last week be sure to add some new posts and check out the links towards the bottom.

To spread some Christmas cheer, hop around to some of the posts and shops and share the links on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, or whatever.  It will be like giving a mini-Christmas gift to the other bloggers.  Or if you want to give a really good gift, become a subscriber to one of the bloggers you find on the hop.  Be sure to leave a comment saying "Merry Christmas I found you on The Ultimate Christmas Blog Hop and I'm you're newest subscriber."

If you can take a minute to link back here I'd appreciate it, but I'm not fussy about rules.  It would bless my socks off though ; ) Or if you don't want to take the time to copy/paste the picture and link below take just a second to share/tweet/pin instead.


Link up any Christmas blog post of your's or someone else's that will be a blessing to others.

If you have a blog of your own take a minute to link back here, but if you're super busy I understand ; )

(The hop is moderated but I'll be updating frequently.)


For Momtrepreneurs: Link up your home based business, etsy shop, auction etc.

For everyone else: Link up a Christmas gift you bought, want, or are planning to buy so we can get shopping ideas.

(This hop is also moderated, I'll let pretty much everything fly as long as it's family friendly.)

*Note to home based consultants, some companies, like Lilla Rose, only allow one person to advertise their products per blog.  So if you notice someone is already advertising the same business, don't link up yours. It's just common courtesy*

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