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Hundreds Of Free Kids Books To Read Online Or Download

I have a confession to make, I'm a book hoarder.  I've got far too many to count, and now that I have kids I've just plain gone crazy buying every type of children's book you could imagine.  It's a very good thing I've gotten most of them for free/dirt cheap from libraries, and thrift stores, otherwise I'd be in the poor house.  Have you looked at the retail price of books lately?!  As you can imagine I'm the type that can never get enough books for myself or my children.  Today I'll share with you my top secret sources for free online/ free ebooks for kids. All told the sites I'm about to share with you have over 1,000 free children's books that you can read online or download.

How To Find Free Books For Kindle Readers
My first source for free kid's books is Amazon's Kindle books.  Kindle For PC is FREE!!  Before I bought my Kindle (Which I love by the way) I amassed a HUGE collection of Freebie kid's books that I'd read to my kiddos on my lap top.   If you haven't gotten a Kindle yet they finally have parental controls and they've come down in price considerably, if you're a big reader I'd recommend one.

To find the free children's books Check Children's Best Sellers For Kindle list daily as the freebies are constantly changing.  The top free 100 books are in the right hand column, and you can further navigate your search by changing the categories to the left hand side of the screen.   Don't stop at the best seller list though, to find even more freebies, simply search the Kindle Store, then sort by price. Cindy Braken is one of my favorite Kindle authors and she almost always has freebies, just be sure they are actually free and not just free for Prime members.

Also I occasionally recommend Kindle freebies on my facebook page and Free Home School Deals does too, so be sure to like us both and ad us to your news feed, or interest lists is you're looking for freebies.

Aol Kids has 39 different story Books You Can Read Online
These books are great and some of them were even favorites of mine when I was a child.  I particularly like all the Arthur books you can find here.  The only downside to this site is you can't turn the narration off.

Source: via KM on Pinterest

We Give Books Has Over 150 Digital Books You Can Read Online
There are some great books on this site, including the "Lady Bug Girl" books and the "Llama Llama" books. There is no narration on this site.

17 Veggie Tale Stories
These stories are probably my kids' favorite ones, mostly because they're narrated by the veggie voices they already love, and some of them are based on the DVD's they've already seen. My personal favorite is God Made You Special.

Your Local Library's Website
Unfortunately no link to share with you here, but just go to your local library's website or call them to see if they're part of an eLending network.  Mine is, and our library has over 900 children's books that can be checked out for Kindle apps/readers or ePub eReaders.  The downside is the books are limited quantities, and the popular ones tend to have wait lists.  The plus side is the books expire after 2 weeks and get removed from your devices automatically, so you never have to worry about a late fee.  Checking out eBooks is easy peasy, if you can buy a book on Amazon you can check one out for free.

Did I miss any sources?  If you comment with something I haven't heard of I'll be sure to update my post with your suggestions.  Be sure to Pin/Share/Tweet this post so others can be blessed as well : )

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