Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To Change A Nation

Innocent happy children.  I see the news, then look at my own babes, playing, fighting, squealing with glee.

Is there hope for the next generation, or will things just keep getting worse?  One of the many questions that have been swirling around in my brain since seeing the news yesterday.  

There will be those who blame the Sandy Hook tragedy on a lack of mental illness care and the closing of institutions in this country.

There will be those who blame the slaughter of innocent life on the ease of obtaining fire arms.

There will be those who blame the loss of precious souls on not having someone armed and ready to protect the school.

There will be those who blame the unnecessary carnage on violence in video games and movies, someone close to the edge being pushed over because he was desensitized to death.

There will be those who blame the shooting on the disrespect for human life in general in this country because  people are turned into objects and the unborn into cells.

The president called for "change" others have called for petitions, we all want to fix what is broken so something so evil will never happen again on our shores.  "What can we do?" has become the cry of the broken hearted nation.

Christ is our only healer.  If we want our nation to be healed we must start with our neighbors, our friends, and our families.

We must tell, as many people as we can about the love of Christ and that he came to save.  We must tell, who is the author of destruction, and what is the true cause of pain.

This nation will change when individuals turn their hearts back to Jesus.  And the only way the nation will come to know is if someone tells them.

Who will you tell?

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