Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How To Make Money Online, No Website Required

If it's not obvious by my occasional recommendations, eBooks, and sidebar ads I'm a bit of a Momtrepreneur and make money work from home.  I was going to title this post "10 Ways To Make Money Online" but the phrase "making money" makes me think of a sleezy multi-level marketing, get rich quick scheme rather than actual work.  But the fact of the matter is I have a home based business, and I do make money doing various things online.  These are the ways that I actually earn money online.  Some take less work than others, some require a blog some don't.  I figured however with Christmas coming up some of you might enjoy a little extra income.

So, let's cut to the chase.  In no particular order here are the things I do/use to make money online that don't require a website.  Tomorrow I'll share how I've monetized my blogs.

Swagbucks  The first and easiest way I earn money online is Swagbucks,(referral link) I just use their search engine and redeem points I earn for gift cards.  At the moment I generate about one five dollar gift card a month just by using Swagbucks’ search engine instead of Yahoo.  To me, this is a no-brainer, and free money so to speak.  It doesn't require a lot of extra work.  Also, you can earn Swagbucks by playing their free online games, printing off and using their manufactur’s coupons, and watching their free videos.
Tip, you can earn more Swagbucks if your referrals are earning Swagbucks.  At the moment I don’t have a ton of referrals because I don’t advertise it enough on my blog, facebook, or twitter.  There have been months however where I haven’t used the Swagbucks search engine at all (because I’m a little addicted to yahoo news articles) and I still have earned enough points for a gift card because a referral of mine earned a ton of points.
To advertise Swagbucks on your blog you can write a post about it, and what you’re trying to earn or put an ad on your sidebar.  This is seriously an easy, no strings attached way to earn money so getting referrals isn’t that difficult.  Be sure to share when you’ve earned gift cards too on Facebook or Twitter.  Everyone loves free money.

eBooks  Not only do I use eBooks to grow my blog by offering them as freebies to subscribers but I also use my blog to advertise my eBooks that are for sale.  Most of my sales come via Amazon Kindle books but I do sell a handful of them from my blog itself.
At this point, I've made the most money online from selling my eBooks, but I don't even want to think about how much I've technically made per hour at this point.  A lot of work goes into publishing an eBook (I treat writing like a part time job) but unfortunately it takes time for the sales to roll in.  What is nice however, is once a book is published all the royalties I get from my sales are for work that's already been done.  It's becoming lucrative though which is a plus.  If you're interested in writing a book I highly recommend Sarah Mae's "How To Market And Sell Your eBook"
Consulting  I have several areas of expertise and I advertise personal consulting in all of them.  I’ve priced myself on the low end (I do some consulting through Fiverr) because I don’t want to spend time advertising myself.  By having a lower price I don’t need to spend as much time advertising to get clients.  Although I make less per consultation, I’m not necessarily making less per hour.
Ebay  Don’t let Ebay imtimidate you, it really is easy to sell things, and there’s no need to advertise your products. I've written my eBay tips before.  I've sold clothes, car parts, Barbies, and collectible cards on eBay all to great success.
Craigslist Like ebay you can sell just about anything on Craig’s list locally.  But don’t stop their, you can also offer services you can complete as a virtual assistant or online consultant.  If you have a skill you can provide as a virtual assistant you can advertise in all the major metropolitan areas.
Fiverr   What's Fiverr you might ask?  Well it's an online community where people offer their services for only $5.  Everything from singing happy birthday to editing resumes (which is what I mostly do) can be purchased there.  If you have any skills you're willing to offer for $5 you can start earning money of Fiverr immediately.  I had my first sale within a day of posting my "gig".  You can read more about my experience with Fiverr here.
Lilla Rose All of my Lilla Rose sales come exclusively through web advertising, although Lilla Rose is just like any other Independent consultant business and you can certainly have parties if you don't want to advertise online.  The reason why I chose to become a Lilla Rose consultant was mostly because I wanted the discount on Flexi-clips.  Becoming a consultant was very inexpensive and there is no minimum selling threshold.
Tomorrow I'll share how I monetize my blog.  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it.

*This article uses referral and affiliate links.

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