Thursday, November 15, 2012

How I've Monetized My Blog

Yesterday I shared some of the ways I earn money online that don't necessarily require a website. Today I'm going to share how I've monetized my blog.  Don't get me wrong I love writing and most importantly I want this blog to be a blessing but I am a Momtrepreneur, and the extra income that comes in through my blog is a blessing to the family.

So here are the ways I've actually been successful making earning money from my blog.  For the record you will never see me advertise anything I can't completely endorse.

Sponsored Posts I don’t spend a lot of time seeking advertising, I’m too busy writing and child wrangling.  Occasionally however I’ll get an offer from an advertiser about writing a sponsored post.  As long as it’s a product I like I have no problem doing this.  I don’t want my blog to turn into one big advertisement, but I personally don’t think the occasional sponsored takes away from my blog's intent.  The most I’ve been offered for a sponsored post is $15.  Keep in mind though these are offers from company’s who e-mail me out of the blue, I have never sought to write a sponsored post.  If I did I could probably charge more.  That’s just not where I want to spend my time right now.
Affiliate Sales As I said before I have never spent the time to e-mail companies to purchase ad space on my blog.  It’s been a low priority on my to-do list.  Some bloggers are quite successful filling ad space this way.  They are generally the “bigger blogs” though.  Affiliate sales however are something any size blogger can take advantage of.  I mention affiliate products in my posts as they apply and have their ads on my sidebar. 
My biggest success when it comes to affiliate sales have been selling eBooks by other bloggers that are in my niche.  I can generally get a review copy for free, then I post a book review, and include affiliate links in the post.  I typically see a few sales immediately and then more over time.  Selling eBooks has been great because I can generally get a free review copy, get giveaway copies, and they’re inexpensive making them an impulse buy for a lot of people.  I never recommend an eBook I don't like.
I recently signed up for a new Affiliate program through "Mother's Lounge" those are the free baby slings or nursing covers that are being advertised on my sidebar.  I honestly don't know why I waited so long to become an affiliate.  I got a free nursing cover 2 years ago, and a free baby sling one year ago and really like both products.  This is a really neat program because customers only need to use your coupon code for you to make a commission, and it's a fairly decent one considering customers just pay for shipping.  
Amazon Associates  Amazon Associates is simply another affiliate program, but I’m giving it, its own category because of its potential.  Practically any blog post can recommend a product on Amazon, since it’s such a giant retailer with every type of  product imaginable. 
Amazon has great pre-made banners you can use but utilizing text links in your blog posts actually cause more people to click over, which is what you want.  No one wants to read a blog that is one big advertisement, but whenever you have a natural opportunity throw in an Amazon link in your posts do it.  Go back and read through your old posts and add some affiliate links there too. 
Another great thing about Amazon Associates is that customers don’t have to buy the item you suggest in order for you to get a sale.  So let’s say you recommend a Kindle book that’s free today (always be sure to specify the date with free Kindle books) and someone clicks over to snag the free Kindle book but also buys 3 other kindle books, you get a commission on the 3 paid purchases.
Just a note, you are only permitted to share your associate links via your personal websites (Facebook and Twitter are included in this).  This means you cannot e-mail or include associate links in eBooks.
Personal Advertising Having a blog has allowed me to also advertise my other projects like my eBooks, and Lilla Rose Business.  Although having a blog isn't necessary for either of these it certainly helps.   
If you're interested in monetizing your blog I highly recommend:
Anything that works for you I didn't mention?

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