Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Voyage Out of Obesity Review and Free Exercise and Diet Printables

If any of you regularly read Cheryl's blog Treasures From a Shoe Box you'll know she has suffered from some serious health problems.  All of that changed when she started juicing, and not only that but she and those she was juicing with all lost an amazing amount of weight as well.  She wrote the book, "Tugboat: My Voyage Our of Obesity" after completing her fast and I eagerly agreed to review it when she offered me a free copy.

I really enjoyed reading her book about the experience, it wasn't just about juice fasting.  It was a book about a life long journey to health and a better life.  The book was also a huge inspiration to me, if someone can say no to food for 60 days I can certainly say no to some chocolate.

If you're looking for a motivational boost for whatever diet you're on, if you're interested in juicing, or if you just want to read a great story with AMAZING before and after photos, I would highly recommend this book.  You can purchase it here.

At the moment I'm trying to lose the rest of my baby-weight, being so close to the pre-baby weight is maddening and motivating all at the same time.

To keep myself motivated I made a printable exercise and food journal log.  It's simple and flexible, and each page has a scripture at the top to focus my mind for the day.

They're free, I won't even make you jump through any hoops by subscribing to my blog , sharing this post, visiting my bookstore, or liking my facebook page.  Although if you wanted to do any of those things as a simple thank you I certainly wouldn't mind.

Download:  Exercise and Food Log Printable with Scriptures

For me I'd much rather think about lifestyle changes one day at a time rather than long term which is why I made the pages the way I did. I hope you enjoy.

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