Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Ideas for Boring Days

Just like our days can become routine and mundane as parents, our kids days can do the same thing.  Even though kids tend to thrive on schedules things get boring occasionally.  Here's some fun tips to shake things up.

Make a snowman in the summer:
What you need: a blender, ice, a baking dish (preferably not glass) and mittens or gloves
Create snow with the blender and let the kids go to town making a mini snow man, snowballs, or a snow village in a baking dish.
My daughters go nuts when they get to make a snowman in the middle of summer.

This is so cool and less tedious than making a flip book the old fashioned way.

Read Some Veggie Tales Stories
I love veggie tales, and their online books are awesome!

Let Them Make a Mini Scrapbook
There are some great ideas on this website.  I absolutely love the idea of turning an old book into a scrapbook.

What things do you do when kids get stir crazy?

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