Sunday, August 5, 2012

God's Word Is Real

Drawing of red and yellow roses in a blue bowl.

My daughters have a few picture Bibles that they just love.  My three year old loves to tell me what's happening on each page and generally knows who each person is.  To my two year old however everyone is just "Moses"

The Bible isn't just a picture book though, and I want my children to realize that.  While teaching the stories of the Bible it is so important for us to teach the reality as well, so our children know and believe that God is real, and that he really loves them.

Even as adults though, it's sometimes hard to remember that those black words written on white pages are true.  The people were real, they had hopes, dreams, worries, and struggles.  They were like you and I.  The only difference their lives were recorded for the ages.

I love reading a good book. In fact it's best that I don't pick up a fiction book unless I have some time cleared because I have a tendency to ignore the world when I'm in the middle of a new story.  I love the characters and the world the author paints, I love everything about a woven story.  There are times when sometimes I wish I could just fall into a book's pages.

What's so amazing about scripture though is it, is a story for all time.  It is a story not only of people of the past but it is a truth extended to us in the present.  Even though the written Word is completed God's plan continues in our lives every day.

God's Word is powerful.

God's Word is sharper than any two edged sword.

And God's Word is real.