Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Praying Before Cancer

My husband and I recieved some very good news today.  Someone we love very dearly (I won't be specific on the world wide web as to who) has "kicked cancer in the butt!" as he put it.  We have been praying diligently and fervently for his healing.  When we first got the news of cancer several months ago, the doctors were not optimistic.  He is not out of the woods yet but has been granted healing for the moment.

As I was walking this evening though I suddenly realized even though this person had huge risk factors for this type of cancer, it never occurred to me to pray that this person wouldn't get cancer.

I can't believe, the thought to pray that he would be protected from getting cancer in the first place never even crossed my mind!

Why did we know he was at risk for this type of cancer?  If you haven't pieced it together by now he was a long time smoker and he had lung cancer.

If you know someone who was  a long time smoker, pray for them.  No one deserves cancer.  No one. Pray that God's grace and mercy will spare them from this disease. 

If you know someone who is a smoker, the greatest chance they have to never contract it is to STOP SMOKING NOW.  Pray that they will find the method, and will have the will power that will work for them, that will help them stop smoking.

If  you know someone with lung cancer pray for their treatments, and pray that it doesn't spread to the spine, brain, or anywhere else in the body.  Pray that they are strengthened through their treatment and they will be able to "kick cancer in the butt!"

Pray for more funding for lung cancer research so that the prognosis of this disease becomes better.  Take a moment and visit No One Deserves to Die, for more information.

Will you learn along with me? Let's encourage one another.
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