Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Losing an Infant

I was at my parents' last Sunday and my mother was holding Josiah on the table and commenting on what a beautiful baby he is.  She's his grandmother so of course she's very partial, but my son is at a very beautiful stage right now.

While my mom was holding him she brought up the fact though that her grandfather (my grandpa-great) had always wanted a blonde hair blue-eyed baby.  He and my great-grandmother had in fact had one blonde haired blue eyed baby, but the baby died of starvation because my great-grandmother was so ill, and by the time they received medical help it was too late.

I couldn't help feeling such great sorrow for them.  Sometimes the tragedies of our ancestors seems so unreal to a new generation.  But the grief my great grandparents went through was very real.  The guilt my great grand-mother must have carried with her was real.  The sleepless nights, and the weight in the pits of their stomachs was very very real.

The death of their baby never would have occurred in this day and age, the death was so unnecessary. But as I was pondering the depths of my great-grandparent's grief I suddenly realized there was absolutely no need to be sad anymore.

Both of my great-grandparents have passed away, and they no longer carry the burden of their grief.  The sorrows of their life are over and they're with their precious child in heaven.  I don't have to grieve for their loss, because for them it's no longer a loss but gain.

There is hope for those who know Christ.

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