Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4 Stitches and a Link Up

So Sunday was an exciting day.  Things started off good and my family was running on time.  My husband was about to make oatmeal for everyone and we were all chatting away happily.  My girls wanted food right then so I began to open up a can of pears, that's when it happened.

I'll spare you the details in case some of you are squeamish, but while pulling half of the lid back on the can of pears my left hand got in the way, and I cut myself, badly.

The second I saw the cut (a deep one) my first reaction was, that's the grossest thing I've ever seen! My second was, "Honey get the kids in the car I need stitches."  It took a minute for the news his wife was in mortal peril (perhaps this is a slight exaggeration) to set in, but then my husband snapped into action.

He sent the three year old downstairs to fetch a clean towel, the three year old got confused and he got it for me himself.  Curious I looked at my cut, maybe my imagination had played a trick on me and it wasn't that bad.  I looked at it again, it was still the grossest thing I'd ever seen, I put the clean towel on it and didn't take it off  until I was at the doctors.

We were out of the door in three minutes flat, pretty good for a family who runs late on Sunday mornings.  But then we realized we hadn't let the dog out that morning and we didn't have cell phones, so back in the house my husband went.

To make a long story short I wound up with 4 stitches in the web of my hand, my tendons are okay.  After living with these stitches for two days however it's not my hand that hurts, it's my neck and back from picking up my children funny.

It was such a silly place to cut myself, but apparently necessary. I'm reminded of 1 Corinthians chapter 12 when Paul is talking about how every part of the Body of Christ is important.  I wonder if when Paul wrote this passage of scripture if he was suffering from some sort of injury, because sometimes you just don't realize how important part of your body is until it doesn't work quite right.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your injury- and I agree, when you hurt a part of your body it can make you appreciate what a blessing it is when everything is working properly! :)
    Question for you- do you prefer your button on my website- or each individual post that I link up having a link back to your page?
    Thank you for the opportunity to link up. Blessings.

  2. so sorry about your hand. Glad it's Okay. Gail

  3. My heartsmission, either is fine with me, depending on your blogs sidebar I know it's easy for things to get cluttered.

  4. Thanks for hosting, and I hope your hand gets to feeling better.

  5. Great lesson -- but I feel your pain! Thank you for using this experience to share God's truth. May you be completely healed very soon!
    Love in Him,


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