Monday, July 16, 2012

The Blessing Of Children

Charming vintage drawing of two children giving their mother flowers.

I'm not sure if it was the way NPR edited the segment or if it was truly how this man felt, but last week I heard a radio interview of a Chinese man who said he wished he didn't have so many children because they can't afford new clothes.

At first I was appalled, to think someone would be willing to trade in their children for a new suit, blazer, or pair of jeans.  My family seldom buys new clothes (almost never in fact) we buy used and gladly accept hand-me downs too.  I would never say I wish I didn't have 3 children just so I could afford a *new* dress.

But then I got to thinking, this man lives in China not prosperous America where thrift shops are filled with other's cast-away's.  Maybe this man can afford to clothe his family at all.  Perhaps like so much of the world his children need to wear the same shirt over and over until it's finally so tattered it won't even work as a rag.

I'm not sure which reality was true for this man, but the interview has been laying heavy on my heart.  Children are too be valued and treasured, not compared to the worth of material things. The entire NPR segment highlighted China's disdain for children in general.  It breaks my heart to think of the atrocities done in that country in the name of an atheist, communist government.

For most of us in this country extra children in our family doesn't mean destitute living, but they have come to represent an inconvenience in society.The fact that children mean less luxuries, less free time, and career hold-ups is touted in general society and Christian circles.

I am by no means dogmatic about my opinion of family size, although I do have an opinion.  Much of it is based on the belief that when God says he'll take care of his children he means it. (Psalm 37:25)

I fear this country is turning it's attitudes to the way of China.  Children are considered curses and their lives are terminated at an alarming rate, in China and this nation as well.

What will become of this nation if it doesn't turn it's heart back to God?  What will become of this world?

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  1. Excellent article, KM. Thanks for linking up to Moms Against Manic Monday! :)

    The Lord has lead my husband and I from a, "WE would like two kids," mindset to trusting Him with our family, the size of our family, for provision, and so much more. I am currently pregnant with our fourth daughter in 8.5 years, and have one glory baby. Both my husband and I already know, yet while I'm carrying this child, that God has more for us concerning the size of our family. The realization of this fact does not cause alarm in us in the slightest, but all we have to do to know that most don't see having children the same way is to simply leave the house (and we live in a rural community in the "Bible Belt"). It grieves my heart to see stranger's judgmental stares and whispers about, "she's pregnant and already has HOW many?" Or to see the confusion on their faces after they've grudgingly commented, "You must have your. hands. full." and my face lights up with joy, along with my childrens', as I reply, "I wouldn't have it any other way!" They are truly the wealth of our family. :)


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