Monday, March 26, 2012

Potty Training, How We're Doing

I certainly don't think I'm qualified, to write a "how to potty train post" yet, but here are some things I will share.

First of all prayer works, and I will give God all the glory for making the transition into big-girl panties as smooth as it has been.  Of course we've had accidents.  I'm under the impression that the parents who say their children never had an accident again after they were trained have extremely selective memories.

Also, the method below works!  It was what finally worked with our oldest and it seems to be working now.  I am done with day-time diapers, at least with my 22 month old : )

I was putting off training, but I saw this video and got my final push of motivation, and I'm happy to say..........I'm not too stressed out over the whole ordeal.

By the way, I would love it if you use the widget on the side bar and vote for my kiddos : )  We'd love to win the Babies R' Us gift card, we desperately need new car-seats.

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