Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Sell Your Clothes on eBay

I want more room in my tiny closets, so I'm saying goodbye to a lot of clothes.  Here's a beginners guide to selling on eBay (For some slightly more serious tips, click here).

Step one: Go through your closet, if you don't love (and I mean love) the way something looks on you get it out of your closet.

Step two: Take your best seasonal clothing, wash, iron, and repair as needed, then photograph them. 

Step Three: Hack into your husband's eBay account and list them.

Step Four: Break up with your clothes via a YouTube video.  (subscribers click on the post link to view)

Step Five: Shamelessly self-promote your auctions on your blog.

Step Six: Ask friends to share your shameless self-promotion via Facebook and Twitter, so your clothes can find someone who will really love them.

My Ebay Auctions, in case you were wondering.
Click on the pictures for specific auctions, I'll try to keep this list up to date.
I'll be listing over the course of a few months to avoid fees : )

Do you need to say goodbye to any of your clothes?

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