Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't Let eBay Scare You! 8 Beginner Tips

Yesterday I gave tongue and cheek instructions on how to sell clothes on eBay.  I also broke up with my clothes via a YouTube video. It tickled me I don't know if anyone else thought it was funny : )

Today I'll give some "real tips."

I have to admit selling on eBay seemed super intimidating at first, but really it's not.  So Here is what I've learned.

  • Expect little fees.  If you want more than one picture, buy it now, or a reserve expect to pay between $00.10-$00.35 for each extra.  
  • Make a collage of pictures using  (while it's still around) or other photo editing software to avoid the extra fees.
  • Try and make you items look as nice as possible.  I always used to wonder why no one ever took the time to iron their clothes before they listed them.  Now after photographing clothes I realize, it doesn't matter how neatly pressed they are they always look wrinkly. Make sure you iron clothes if that's what you're listing, or they will look really bad.
  • Estimate your shipping well.  You don't want to spend money on your auction you want to make money.  Get a test box ready and take it to the post office and weigh it.
  • Use social media : ) If you have a blog shamelessly self-promote.  Tell Facebook friends and any followers anywhere you might have online.  And don't feel funny about it.  You wouldn't feel funny telling people about your garage sale, eBay is no different, except the fact people across the country can bid.
  • Above all be specific and honest.  Don't say something is in new condition when it isn't.  You want positive feedback!
  • Be prepared for your money to be held if you're a new seller.  If your customer neglects to leave positive feedback, PayPal will hold your money.
  • Send a note in with your items reminding your customer to leave feedback and thanking them for your purchase.
Those are my tips, what tips do you have?  

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