Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Ebook! Maple Tree Projects

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How To Tap Your Trees (It's easier than you think and it doesn't cost a lot of money)
"Maple Tree Projects" a free eBook of Tree related assignments for home-school or traditional classes.

Yesterday I went over the basics of how to tap your maple trees.  Today I'd like to share a mini e-Book I've written with over 30 creative assignments related to trees and tree tapping. Even if you don't plan on tapping your own trees, this book includes great ideas that can be done with any trees you have in your own yard.

Tapping trees is Fun!  It's also real life application for simplest to the most advanced math and science with a sweet reward at the end.  If you don't plan on tapping your own trees consider watching an age appropriate video about the process.  Curious George and Caillou even have episodes about maple tree tapping.

Written with the homeschooling family in mind these assignments can also be adapted for a traditional classroom setting.

There are a variety of projects, some simple enough for preschoolers while others are suitable for the college bound high school student.

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***Note: I did not reinvent the wheel here, I am an religious education major so if any of these assignments resemble anything else on the web it's because we took similar education classes.  I purposely did not search any tree related assignments online, because I didn't want to resemble anything someone else has written.  If any of my assignments do it's pure coincidence probably based on similar teaching experiences and education.***

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