Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purposing to spend time with your Work-At-Home Husband

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I am extremely blessed to have my husband work from home.  It would be so hard if he ever has to move on and get a job away from home.

 You would think that since my husband is home all day long that I wouldn’t have to purpose to spend time with him but I do.  Spending timewith my husband isn’t necessarily hard as he does work within the main part of our home.  But purposing to spend quality time together is something that I have to purpose to do.
 Some things that have helped me spend time with my husband and show him that I appreciate him:

 1.       Take time during meals and read together.  Being that right now it’s just my husband, our baby & I our meals don’t take very long.  Normally after breakfast we will read a devotional together.  We also try to listen or read a chapter or two from the Bible after (or if we are listening it can be during) dinner.  It’s amazing what a short devotional or chapter of the Bible can do – often starts a short conversation, something to think about and be encouraged.  I love spending time with my husband while reading together.
2.       Make him the highlight every day!  Most work at home dads don’t get the excitement of “Daddy just got home” everyday upon arriving home from work from their children & wives.  Just the small gesture of making Daddy the hero all throughout the day (telling your children what a wonderful father they have) and when his work day ends makes his day!  Husbands love to feel like heroes in their homes!  It doesn’t take much time but showing your husband that he’s loved & needed is something he will find special.
3.       Give your husband your focus.  Doing laundry and the dishes are things that just have to get done every day but they also will still be there for another time.  When my husband gets a short break during the day I try to spend time with him without worrying about the laundry that just finished or the dishes that need to be washed.  Dishes & laundry can wait for another moment, spending just a few moments with your husband here and there throughout the day is time that can never be replaced.
4.       Play Games Together!  My husband & I love to play games together after our baby has gone to bed for the evening.  It’s much easier to talk during a card or board game than during a movie.  It won’t always be easy for my husband & I to play games together “just the two of us”, so let’s do it now!  You can learn a lot about someone while playing games with them! : )
5.       Plan a special snack after the children are in bed.  My husband and I love to spend just an hour or so every evening together alone after we’ve been our little one to bed.  Making a special snack that your husband loves makes it even more fun too!

I am very sure there are many other ways to spend time with your husband but these are just a few of my favorites.

 Is this something you have to purpose to make time to do too?  What are your favorite ways to spend quality time with your husband? 

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