Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I Love Being a Mom and True Christian Motherhood Review and Giveaway


I truly love being a mother, I consider holding a sleeping baby, comforting a hurting toddler, and playing with a rambunctious preschooler to be high privileges.

Getting to watch my three year old this week "walk" my parents' chocolate lab and scream "Yeee Ha!!!" as the dog drug her at break-neck speed down a hallway makes my heart ignite with joy.

Seeing my 18 month old do hand signs for the 23rd Psalm and say some of the words makes my heart melt.

And just looking at my 2 month old's little smiles, well let's just say it makes all the diapers and spit-up worth it.

In a world that says children cost too much, that children will ruin your career or marriage, and that children are too much work and a bother things can get very discouraging.  No matter how many little smiles and moments of joy our children bring us, Christian mother's need encouragement.

I was so excited to buy True Christian Motherhood  when it first came out. I love June Fuentes' blog A Wise Woman Builds Her Home and I knew her book would be a blessing, I wasn't wrong.  I loved it so much I bought more copies and gave them as gifts to other moms as well.  And now I have an opportunity to give a copy to one of my readers.

The book has 26 Devotion Style Chapters of ENCOURAGEMENT.  It's like buying a little cheerleader for your e-reader or computer.  It's a book of Biblical instruction for moms of children at any age.

You can buy it by clicking the link below for only $7.00, I assure you it is worth every penny, or you can enter the giveaway below.

Get Your Copy Today!

Be sure to Buy this book if you didn't win though : ) 
It's Fabulous.

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