Monday, December 19, 2011

Why I Love Being a Mom: Week 2

So are you writing down your mommy moments? 
 I encourage you write something right now, a facebook note, a blog post, or even something in your own personal journal.  
But write something, capture and savor the memory.
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Today as I was feeding the baby my 18 month old was sitting in her high chair eating her breakfast.  She had just finished her chex, which is normally my cue to get the bowl away from her as quickly as possible.  Unfortunately I had a drifting to sleep infant in my arms and his sleep was much more important than spilled milk.  My daughter must have sensed this because she gave me one of her trade marked sideways glances, and smiled as if to say "Whatcha gonna do about it mom?" and proceeded to splash milk to her hearts content.  I chose to laugh rather than to discipline, because I wasn't in a position to actually stop her.  Oh well, I'll clean my patio doors eventually, in the mean time their streaked with soy milk.

Anyone who has breast fed an infant knows that when they are in your arms the only thing they want to do is nurse, which after a certain point becomes very taxing.  Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who after our babies are done eating has rocked them to sleep and written countless lullabies while dancing across the floor.  " I hope that you are, as asleep as my arm, because all I can do is sing."

While watching a video the other day, my 18 month old screams the word "Cow!!!"  and my three year old says, inflecting her voice identically to mine repeats what I have said so many times while watching videos or reading books, "You're right that is a cow!"

I was informed by my mother, who is directing our children's pageant, that Ivy keeps on giving herself lines, and solos during practices.

The Christmas pageant was this Sunday, and my little girl was seeming so grown up, until she hurt her hand on her chair and had to come running down to her mommy.  (sigh)  I took her in my arm, and held her, she decided to watch the play until the finale (at which point she wanted to join the rest of the kids again).  In the mean time her brother got his acting debut as baby Jesus, but while "Mary" was holding him he began to fuss in her arms. Ivy looks at me with deep seriousness and says, "Mom, something is wrong, you should go up and get him."

And My Favorite: While sitting at the table we showed Ivy the cookie she would get for dessert if she ate a good lunch, and how big and perfect it was.  Completely unprovoked she exclaimed "Oh My Peas!"  (For you Super Why fans, that makes perfect sense)

What are your Mommy Moments?

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