Monday, December 19, 2011

Giving an Ebook as A Gift

So for you procrastinators out there who still need a few more gifts, but might not be able to get out to the store, have you considered down-loading some e-books?  (Scroll Down to the bottom for my personal recommendations)

  • They're a great gift for someone who has too much stuff, as they take up little to no space.
  • They're are very inexpensive compared to print books (and you should buy a new copy for each person on your list)
  • And sometimes free, like my book : ) 
  • You don't have to load any children in car seats in order to buy them.
  • It makes use of the e-reader everyone got for last Christmas.
In order for an un-named person on my list to be able to open something on Christmas I downloaded 7 e-books on CD and Printed off "covers" for each of them, and glued it to pink card stock.  My Master plan is to hole punch these and put them in a mini binder with the CD.

You could also print off the e-books if the copyright allows it.  (Mine does by the way)

The Books I chose were all ones I have read and truly enjoyed.  The un-named recipient (as if she hasn't guessed who she is by now if she's reading this) is a new mom.  Reading all of these books (and writing one) were a HUGE blessing to me, and I selected them with that in mind. Warrior Prayers in particular touched me, because I just had a son.  (Plus it's on sale right now for $.99)  Here are the links for the other books.

    Get Your Copy Today!

    The Following Books are Free!!!

    (Or Download for your specific e-reader here fore only $.99, Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo & others )


    Some of these are affiliate links, but I'm not recommending the books because I'm affiliated with them, I'm affiliated with the books because I recommend them (highly).  And do consider using my links, I will make a small commission which of course helps buy a few more stocking stuffers.

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