Friday, December 16, 2011

Should I Get a Blog Consultation?

If your husband hasn't bought your Christmas gift yet or if you're expecting a little Christmas money, might I recommend a blog consultation?

Why do I blog?  It's really become my ministry for this season in life, and I truly believe it's something God wants me to do not only to encourage other women who are in the trenches with me, but also to one day bring an income to this family.

As many of you know my husband and I desire to transition into full time ministry in the future.  He's just three finals shy of being ordained, but this season of life he's needed to concentrate on providing an income to this family and raising 3 babies.  As frustrating as this extra "time off" from ministry has been to both of us, God has allowed me to be in the position to write and hopefully develop this and other blogs so that it can provide income, support, and advertisement when we do enter full-time ministry.

This is only part of the vision that God placed on our hearts, and we knew last year if this was where God was leading us then we needed some professional, Christian advice.  So as a Christmas gift my husband bought me a Wise Woman Blog Consultation, and I'm so glad he did.

June Fuentes not only provided valuable "how to's" but also provided personal advice specific to my blog and my family's vision, something that can't be found on a Google search or blogging website.  After her consultation my mind was rolling with ideas and purpose.  Armed with a legal pad full of notes and access to her personal blogging advice website God used the consultation to solidify this blog's purpose in my mind.  I especially appreciated the godly guidance and cautions she gave.

With clear goals in mind, I've implemented things slowly into my blogging.  My goal was not to immediately start making $3000 a month (which June has done on her own blogs) but to run the race like the tortoise (who still wins  last time I checked). If I could spend more time at the computer things of course would move faster, but that is not where God has called me.

I am content if things take years to start generating notable income, because I have a vision.  There is a goal in mind, and due to the blog consultation, I know how to reach it.

If you're like me and can't spend a lot of time blogging, it is worth the investment to start with a firm foundation, plan, and goals. If you're ready to start off and running a consultation will of course also provide valuable advice.

The cost is incredibly reasonable, and it is an investment.  Pray about it, and talk to your husband about it, if you're serious about making money with your blog I strongly recommend getting a consultation.  And consider using one of my links, every extra dollar this blog generates will help this family reach our goal of one day being in full time ministry.

Be Blessed!!

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