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Simply Modest Swimsuit Pattern (Closed)

Giveaway Closed, Congrats Comment #21 Caroline

Staying modest is incredibly important to me, particularly when swimming.  Let's face it it's next to impossible to find a truly modest bathing suit anywhere in stores! So what do we do, pull on bulky basketball shorts, and an over sized tee-shirt? It works if I want to stay modest but what happens if I want to be feminine too?

That's why I am so thrilled to be reviewing (and Giving Away!) a swimsuit pattern (or $20 discount on a swimsuit) from Simply Modest.

Image 1

I absolutely fell in love with these suits when I first saw them, not only are they beautiful but they are something I can be proud to wear as a Christian women.

As soon as my girls are big enough this is the type of swimsuit I'm making them one,  so they can get used to the idea of modesty when swimming NOW, rather than when they're adolescents.

And the pattern? So Easy!   I am by no means an accomplished seamstress and I was able to make my swimsuit in a few hours, it would have been faster but Mommy duty called multiple times during the process. This is by no means an intimidating project, the instructions are very clear and there's no "tricky" parts you have to worry about. (I did cut my suit generously in some places because of a baby bump)

I absolutely love how it turned out, and it seriously was that easy to make.

(you can tell I don't get much sun even if the suit is modest, don't look directly at my arms you'll go blind!)

Here are some more fabulous pictures from their website
(with slightly tanner girls),
 I absolutely love these fabric choices!

Simply Modest sells everything you would need to make your own swimsuit, but if you'd rather not take the time for this incredibly simple project they do sell absolutely beautiful Swimsuits in children's and ladies sizes,
or custom ordered sizes (including maternity).

You can easily cut the skirts and leggings as long or as short as you would like.

My sister put it best when she saw the swimsuit pattern, she said,
" If I had a suit like that I'd actually want to go to the beach."

To enter the giveaway for One Swimsuit Pattern or a $20 discount on any Swimsuit, just leave a comment below and tell me what size pattern you want (or if you'd rather the discount code) after visiting Simply-Modest's website

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