Saturday, July 23, 2011

Modesty, Teach it Now!

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Modesty and discretion are not hallmarks of the average teenage or young adult woman, which is highly unfortunate.  If we as mother's think we can convince our daughters to dress modestly after they reach adolescence (when most mothers become Highly Motivated because of their young daugters developing curves) we are kidding ourselves.

My family tends to avoid public events this time of year because of the way women dress when it get's this warm outside.  The renaissance festival used to be a favorite summer time activity for us, but we no longer go because of what the guests where when they attend.  It's maddening!

So, how do we teach our girls modesty?

By teaching them scriptures about womanhood and modesty, and have them memorize at a young age.

By modeling it in our own lives, and not inadvertantly living by a double standard 

By dressing them modestly at a young age.

By holding the same standards everywhere your family travels, including the dreaded beaches and swimming pools.

By Praying for wisdom in raising our daughters, praying that they will come to view modesty as a desired virtue.  Only God can change hearts, our prayers are our greatest ally when the world is trying to define what beauty is.

I think I'm done ranting for now, I've seen more flesh this week than I care to see in a lifetime.  It's time to start the fight on the home front.  I refuse not to be proactive in this!

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