Friday, June 3, 2011

You Can Do This!!

Potty Time

Diaper Change

Do the Dishes

Stop a Fight

Cuddle a Baby

Wait on Hold

Read a Picture Book

Write an E-mail to Realtor

Color with Toddler

Load the Dishwasher

Wait on Hold some More

Potty Time Again

Diaper Change Again

Talk to loan officer while trying to entertain 2 under 2

Make 3 different lunches

More Kiddie Wrangling

Try to Clean

Get a Naptime Snack

Put Pookie 1 Down for Nap

Put Pookie 2 Down for Nap

Thank God for these moments,

Though hectic, though hard, though sometimes more than I think I can bear, 
I was made for these moments. 
 This is my ministry, these are the most precious jewels in the world. 
Christ deserves my all, my everything;
He deserves my joy in my ministry,
my precious children he's entrusted me with
 are an extension of my faithfulness to him.
Christ would not have given me more than I can handle in His grace.
My children expose my weaknesses,
 but Praise God Christ's Strength is made perfect in them.

I can do this, not on my own, but in Him.
I can do this.

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