Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sacrificing our Bodies as A Living Sacrifice

As a woman whose body barely had time to breathe between 4 pregnancies it's so easy for me to get upset when I look in the mirror. Even though I've only technically gained 2 pounds in 16 weeks with this pregnancy it's so easy to look in the mirror and just get depressed; or worse yet look at pictures of my friends on facebook who are not yet mother's and get jealous.

I certainly know I'm not the first woman to feel this way, but ironically the most inspiring thing I've found written on this subject is from a woman who is not yet a mother.

If you are a mother or a future mother you need to read this!

Her Noble Character: Christlikeness Through Childbearing: "I might seem like a weird person to write this blog. I’m not yet a married woman, much less a mother. I have never been through a pregna..."

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