Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Modest Swimsuits?

My fear taking my family to the beach has nothing to do with the water, sharks aren't typically found in lakes so we're good there.  I'm not afraid of bug bites, or sunburn.  I'm not even afraid of the public restrooms, showers or the long walk from the parking.

What I am afraid of is the swim suits!  Not mine, everyone elses. 

At Sunday School this week I was speaking  to the teen girls about worldliness and I intentionally brought up the topic of dress.  I of course brought up the normal things, about how scripture exhorts us to be modest and how we shouldn't cause a brother to stumble but the thing that illicited the biggest reaction was when I said, "you may be trying to attract the attention of someone your own age, but men of all ages are looking."  After a chorus of ewws, I hoped my point stuck.  Then we talked about how you can be modest at the beach, inexpensively.  Here are some ideas, that won't break your budget:

  1. Where a long teeshirt and basketball shorts over your suit , not particularly conducive to the water but it's an option most people already own.
  2. Purchase a swim skirt, I'm not talking about the one's that barely cover your derriere I'm talking about the one's that actually cover most of your upper legs.  I found an OP swim skirt, that comes down to my knees  at walmart for $12! Coupled with my swimsuit that comes up nearly to my neck, I'm good to go.
  3. Wear a Board Shirt and Shorts, there's a reason why surfers wear these, many are UV protected and they keep everything covered in a high intensity sport.
  4. Get creative, Do you own a one piece or a tankini, that's somewhat modest but not quite?  See how you can alter it.  If you're not up to making an entire swimsuit altering an existing one might be an option.  You can literally make a swim skirt with a hem, one seam, and an elastic waist band. 
  5. Make a "swim bolero" out of an old tee-shirt.  If your bottoms modest, but the top still needs some extra coverage and you don't want to wear a full tee-shirt make a tee-shirt bolero (do a yahoo search their easy and require NO SEWING)
The most important thing is we honor God in everything we do.  How can I have fun at the beach when I know the way I'm dressed is wrong?  I think the real reason most women feel very self-conscious in our swim wear is deep down we know it's shameful to show that much of our skin to anyone but our husbands.  Whether you own a one or two piece suit, before you hop in the water this year, prayerfully evaluate what you're wearing.  I've never met anyone who regreted being too modest, but I know plenty of people who have destroyed pictures of an otherwise fun day because they regret what they wore.



  1. I love the idea of a swim bolero! For years I've been wearing a long tankini top with my athletic shorts. Comfortable and I never have to be embarrased in the water with my little nieces and nephews.

  2. I just bought one of those swim skirts at Wal-Mart! I was surprised to see it there & quickly picked one up!! Modest is a wonderful subject for you to be teaching that age!


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