Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Worry is nobody's friend,
It does no one good;
It pays no bills,
It buys no food,
It heals not the sick,
And produces an ill mood.

Worrying about what we can not control
Is to no one's gain,
For it produces only anxiety,
self-pity and mental pain.
When we seek solutions on our own,
Worry is just time spent in vain.

We must fix what is within our power,
And to God give the rest*,
Let Him handle the big ones;
For Him our worries are no test;
We can always rest assured,
That He will do what is best.

Why weaken our health,
In fruitless despair,
When we know full well
That God is always there;
He slumbers not, nor does He sleep;
We are ever safe in His care.

So why worry? It does no good-
We must trust in God and pray;
Seek His answers to it all,
Have faith in Him for a better day,
For He knows our needs before we ask,
And He is able to show us a way.

*I'd rather give God everything than just the big things, but I still like the poem : )

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