Monday, April 18, 2011

Max on Life

I was provided with a Max Lucado's  book, Max on Life through  I am so torn on how to review it.  First of all, it was not one I just had to read in one sitting, although Lucado's writing style is as always enjoyable.   For that matter if you are a Lucado fan this book will not disappoint, although it's certainly different than his others.  Lucado sets out to answer faith's most difficult questions in this book.  I do like how it is organized and indexed, which would make it an asset to a Pastor's or Sunday School teacher's collection when those tough questions do come up.

It is over all a very good book, however there are some doctrines Lucado has which make it impossible for me to give a whole-hearted recommendation.  I also have a problem with some of the conclusions he draws from paraphrase translations of the Bible, they are not accurate and do not reflect God's original meaning of scripture.  There was more than one occasion when reading this book that I pulled out my Greek dictionary and came to a completely different conclusion than Lucado. 

All in all if your a Lucado fan, add this book to your shelf, otherwise I would pass.

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