Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trusting God with Family Size?

I feel like I finally have something to write about : ) Lately I've had a difficult time doing my daily devotionals (sick baby and sick mommy), which has probably contributed to my slight dry spell of blogging. However I wanted to share two articles I found today, and give my thoughts: Family Size and The More the Merrier.

First off I do not pretend to be an expert on this subject, but I realize I'm somewhat ahead of the curve in my peer group.  I married younger than many of my friends (most of which aren't even married yet) and I've started having children (more than one) much younger as well.  I have read a lot on the subject of family size, and "family planning" and despite all the gray area, I've come to two conclusions I feel very strongly about:

1) The world's teachings about family planning are simply not biblical.
2) God is ultimately in control, and promises us wisdom in all things.

When a married couple is faced with the decision to have children, or abstain completely they must pursue God's teachings, not the world's.  There are plenty of reasons society gives to limit family size, we must be careful to test these reasons against the absolute truth of God's Word.  If man's reasoning does not line up with scripture, IT IS WRONG, period, exclamation point.

One thing I appreciate about Candice's article (Family Size) is that she isn't dogmatic in her opinion.  I've read many books and articles that are, and find they inflame people's opinions perhaps more than changing them.  Before I share my final opinion on this matter I'd like to say one thing, this is where God has lead my husband and I. I believe there is a multitude of scripture to back up our stance, (many of which are shared in Candice's article) but ultimately we would not have come to this conclusion if we didn't first seek God's wisdom in prayer.

In our home we have chosen not to limit our family size, rather depend on God's sovereignty and provision.  This includes avoiding NFP for the time being as well. Scripture tells us that if we ask for wisdom God will give it to us, no questions asked.  If ever there is a situation in our lives where we should limit our family size, we can trust God will give us the wisdom to do so, in this season we feel very strongly about the conclusion God has given us in this matter. 

I would never judge another Christian who has sought God diligently, and I certainly don't think God will give the same answer to every couple in this matter, every circumstance is different. Unfortunately I think, many Christians may not be completely open to the wisdom God is giving them and perhaps make decisions based on the world's teachings and fears of the flesh.

 The last thing Satan wants is godly parents raising more than 2.5 children who will storm the gates of hell with the gospel.  He attacks young marrieds in every way he can.  He draws us away from God in our choices of entertainment, in our choices of free time, in our relationships, he makes our prayer life (especially with our spouses) near impossible.  Satan does not want us abiding in Christ because then we might hear his still small voice. It's not enough that we seek God's wisdom we must change our lives so we are open to it as well. Having children or not is too important of a decision not to fully surrender to God's guidance.

Now I'd like your input, one of my husband and my long term goals are to write a series of books, to be available for sale or (perhaps free) download when we enter into full time ministry. One of these will most definitely be on the subject of starting a family (and perhaps when we're more qualified in the matter raising one as well). For those of you who are trusting God in family size I would love to hear your testimony, leave a comment or if you're story is too long e-mail me at joyful kasey (at) gmail (dot) com.  Feel free to leave a blog post link if you've already written one.  I'm hoping to hear a lot of inspiring stories, sometimes I feel like in my circle I'm the only one who feels this way and it's hard not to get discouraged.


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