Monday, October 4, 2010

A Blessing to Others

Fifteen minutes before church started yesterday I had my daughter sleeping in my arms ready to be transferred into the stroller.  She was full, changed, and taking a much needed nap.  Perfect right?  Well then someone opened the door to the room I was in and her eyes popped open, she looked around and gave me a huge smile.  When this baby smiles it means I'm wide awake and not going back to sleep.  Oh well, at least she was happy.  Instead of taking her to the nursery with the other kids I thought maybe I could get her back to sleep if I put her in the stroller.

Well, she wasn't sleepy at all, in fact she was sitting in the stroller giving the biggest smiles and giggles any child could.  My plan was to have her sleep through service, God's plan was to have her give a blessing to everyone who walked past us that morning.  As everyone oohed and ahhed over her sweet smiles and general cuteness, I realized what a blessing my children are to not only my husband and me but to those around us as well.  They're a reminder of God's perfect innocent creation and a hope for the future.  Their joy refreshes us and pulls us out of our sorrow.  We learn as they learn and they bring us closer to the creator.

Thank you Jesus for my little blessings, allow them to be a blessing to those around us as well.  Amen.
Will you learn along with me? Let's encourage one another.
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