Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Deal With a Picky Eater

My Daughter Ivy is an incredibly picky eater, so picky that her pediatrician was worried for quite some time about her weight.  I am constantly trying her with new foods and recipes that are "toddler friendly," apparently Ivy hasn't read the same books as I have and doesn't realize she's supposed to like these foods.  She'll eat any type of fruit I give her and most vegetables but turns her nose up  to any meat I try her with.  I've tried everything with the meat, boiling it, pureeing it, mashing it, shredding it she's just not interested.  She'd rather eat a sweet potato or if I'm lucky a hard boiled egg.

I've reached a point however where I just can't worry about it any more.  The Doctor finally seems pleased with her weight and is pleased with what I am feeding her, plenty of healthy options.  I just have to accept this as a phase of toddler-hood and keep offering her everything that we're eating in hopes she might develop a taste for more adult food.  She's still to young for the clean your plate mentality, but believe me I have a feeling we might get there soon.

I often wonder why my daughter would want to miss out on so many good foods.  The second I try to put something new on her high-chair she often pushes it off to the corner or moves it to another section without so much as a second glance.  Unfortunately I find myself sometimes reading the Bible like my toddler eats meals.  During devotionals I go to my favorite books, The Psalms, Proverbs, Esther, Jonah, Genesis, Exodus, and I skip out on huge portions of the Bible.  Sure I've read them all at least a few times but I'm missing out on daily nutrition that God wants be to have. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who tends to gloss over large portions of scripture, I actually heard one evangelist say on the radio that there are books in the Bible she doesn't even read. (eek!) My goal is to start cracking open the pages of the Bible that are growing a little dusty so to speak.  This morning I started with a fabulous story about 3 kings of Judah.  It truly was a blessing to me and I hope it can be a blessing to you as well.  By the way this passage is a great story for kids, particularly for boys, only the second half for younger children who might be bothered easily.

Leave a comment about an obscure bible passage that's been a blessing to you, or any tips to get little miss picky to eat meat would also be appreciated.

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Hi Kasey,
    Great comparison between Ivy's eating habit and our Bible reading habits. I had the same situation with my daughter. My doctor assured us that she would grow fine without meat. She is in now almost 14. Very healthy and still doesn't eat meat. Like Ivy, she loves fruits and vegetables. She eats lots of natural peanut butter w/ crackers and pizza (putting sauce and cheese on already made pizza crusts.
    We had to teach her to say "I don't like meat" instead of "I don't eat meat" so that people didn't mistake her comments as some type of 'new age' phase.

    On another note. As far as, an obscure bible passage that's been a blessing: one of mine is 2 Peter 1: 3 - 10. Particular verses 3 & 4.

    Yesterday I posted an analogy I came up with trying to explain how Jesus can be God’s Son , while at the same time declaring that we only have one God? You might like it. Here's the link.




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