Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What It Means To Choose God's Strength

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God’s Amazing Strength Comes From Wisdom
Sometimes it feels like there is a lot riding on this whole “mom thing.”  To think God would entrust me with three children to raise in His love not only inspires my awe but scares the daylights out of me.
There are days when I successfully abide in Christ’s strength, but then there are the days when my emotions, my worries, and my flesh get the best of me.
Those are the days when a simple sibling squabble leads to an eruption that would rival Mt. Vesuvius.
Those are the days when I let my children watch T.V. and just hide under the covers and wish things were different.
Those are the days when thoughts like, “If only we had more money, if only I didn’t have to work from home, if only my acne would clear up, if only they could just get along,” swirl in the recesses of my mind instead of thoughts of peace and contentment.
Those are the days when their cries make me want to run and hide rather than help them. Those are the days when I don’t want to train them in proper behavior, and I just want to yell.

Those are the days when Christ’s strength feels so far from me.

I was having one of those days last week.  It was a funk fueled by an elimination diet and cystic acne that won’t clear up.  In my head I know acne isn’t a big deal but even as an adult who should know better when you can’t wear makeup and your chin is swollen it really can bring a girl down.
My husband dealt with my funk all day.  Then when we went to bed he was finally able to talk some sense into my head and encourage me.  He poured godly wisdom into my spirit despite the fact I had been so unloving.
What he said to me in bed that night brought me hope and strength.
It’s amazing what a little godly wisdom can do.
“Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom: I am understanding; I have strength.” Proverbs 8:14

God’s wisdom brings strength.

So when we’re having one of those days, we should be running to the Word of God and godly counsel for help, and not the M&M stash.
It’s easy to let a funk set in.  It’s easy to hide under the covers and ignore the prodding’s of the Holy Spirit.  But the cost is simply too great.
I can’t be the mother and wife God needs me to be when I don’t depend on His strength. And I certainly can’t be the encouragement to other women God calls me to be if I’m not abiding in His strength and love.
God’s strength is hidden in His wisdom and that is why I seek His face in this journey, which on my own I am so ill equipped and inadequate to travel.

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