Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When Your Quiet Time Get's Stagnent

When we first moved in to our home it had been sitting vacant for several years.  All of the dry wall in the ceilings needed to be replaced, the house needed a completely new roof, the bathroom needed to be redone, water damage had to be fixed, and a hundred other things that happen when a house sits uninhabited were added to a list of “to do’s”.  Needless to say we, along with the help of a contractor, put a lot of work into renovations.
Thousands worth of renovations (which were blessedly rolled into our mortgage) later and many hours of personal sweat equity our vacant house became a home.  The big problems were taken care of but little problems still remained which my husband (and wonderful family members) have been fixing gradually as our budget permits for the last 2 years.
One of these “little problems” was the fact our siding was badly stained with mildew in several places.  We had tried washing it off once but it just wouldn’t come off using the stain remover we had purchased.  Thinking it was going to be a huge project to get properly cleaned we lived with it for two years.  Then on a lark I asked my husband buy a different type of cleaner from Home Depot, he spent $6.
It was like magic.  We sprayed the cleaner on the side of our home and with very little scrubbing the stains that I had thought we would need to paint over literally melted away.  All it took was the right cleaner.
For two years I hated looking at the side of my house and all it took was 15 minutes to fix.
That’s what our prayer time is like sometimes.  We assume making time is too hard.  We assume, reading scripture will be next to impossible.  We assume getting into the habit of daily prayer is complicated.
In reality, having quiet time with the Lord is pretty simple, we just need to do it.
At any point during the past 2 years I could have chosen to clean the side of my house with a better cleaner.  But I didn’t because I assumed it wouldn’t work, I assumed the task would be a huge undertaking.  So instead I just lived with the dirt and grime that had built up on our light colored siding.
Don’t let your prayer life be like my dirty house.  Just do it.  Just make time and do it.  If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I don’t advocate for a rigid schedule, the important thing is just to make time, pray, and read your Bible.
Don’t let the thought of personal quiet time overwhelm you, (to steal a phrase from Nike) just do it!
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