Friday, July 31, 2015

When Do You Start School?

When do you start school?
So I've been debating about when to start school next year. Public schools around here start after Labor Day, but a lot of homeschool families seem to like starting in August. Last year we started in June because I was having a baby and knew I would need the flex time.
We were able to finish our core curriculum in May and this summer I've been doing worksheets 1-2 times a week and plenty of reading, but I think we're going to start school officially AFTER LABOR DAY.
This is why:
1) I'm not having a baby this year and we're not planning a big vacation so we won't need *as much* flex time.
2) My oldest is born in October, so she's technically a year ahead in her curriculum, and a few extra months of development is critical so things aren't *too* hard.
3) I can, and I need a break. If we need more flex time, we'll school into next summer, but I think for our family ending later is better than starting early. because of the October birthday, and my girls are still technically both a year ahead of where they need to be in most areas (except writing) so I'm not sweating it.

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