Sunday, July 26, 2015

Reward Idea For Your Kids

What are botanically speaking fruit,  and would help motivate your children in the next homeschool year?

Why Bob and Larry of Veggie Tales of course! 

In my post yesterday I talked about how making a reward chart put a stop to our bed time battles. 
When used correctly reward charts can be huge motivators, especially when kids need to develop a habit: brushing teeth, reading every day, staying in bed etc.

If you plan on using reward charts this next school year or even if you just want to get your kids a present, I have something I know they'll work hard to earn.

Here's the thing, my kids love videos, and they Love, I mean LOVE Veggie Tales.  And quite frankly I love that they love them because there is no worry of too much potty humor or bare butts in Veggie Tales (I'm looking at you Minion movie).

And even though their looks have changed over the years (I watched the "Grapes of Wrath" episode not to long ago and the animation today is just amazing compared to then) they are still the same God honoring vegetables that I grew up loving as a child.

And now not only are they on Netflix but they have adorable stuffed plushes (affiliate link)based on the new animation you can buy.

Bob the Tomato Beanie Plush 2015 Larry the Cucumber Beanie Plush 2015

I was sent 2 to review,  Bob and Larry. Let me tell you they are super cute, and soft too.  I happen to be a fan of their new look (as are my kids), they just seem (for lack of a better word) more animated now.

If you're kids are fans of the DVD's or new animated series they will love these guys, and they make for an affordable motivating reward.

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