Monday, March 30, 2015

Why I'm Done Buying Cheap Toys

It's so tempting, I'm at a thrift store, a dollar store, or a clearance section and I see something for just a dollar that I know my kids will love. The excitement in their faces when I bring it home would seriously make my day.  

Who doesn't like giving their kids a treat now and then?

Here's the problem, with four kids the toy situation,  in my home is a little out of control.  Toy rotation has helped, but with Easter coming soon I am NOT going to give them a basket full of dollar store toys  that will break or get lost within a week.  

They get plenty of trinkets from church, birthday parties and their grandparents, that's cool.  My kids are blessed. But this is why I'm done buying cheap toys.  They already have enough and they're bound to get more.  For the sake of my sanity I can at least limit what they get from me, Quite frankly I would buy something for them every time I'm out if I had the money, which is just NOT an option.

So with Easter coming, I've decided instead of an Easter Basket I'm getting my kids a DVD or two.   It's the perfect gift for my kiddos because they love new DVD's, and have been asking for a few different ones lately that aren't in our normal budget.

What's also great  is, these days it's easy to find Christian DVD's that my kids will love.  Not that I'm against secular T.V. shows or movies, but it's nice to be able to point back to God on Easter.

I had the opportunity to review the newest Veggie Tales movie, Noah's Ark.  My kids and I loved it.  I'd highly recommend it if your kids are Veggie fans.  I wrote about it here if you'd like to know more.  Honestly I should have been smarter and saved it for an Easter gift rather than opening it right away.  

What faith based DVD's do your family's love?  What are you sticking in the basket this year?


  1. Good idea about the DVD's. I agree about the little toys just adding up, getting lost, or getting broken. I usually get my kids a new book and little bit of candy, but I try to avoid those little toys now, too.

  2. I didn't know about Noah's Ark! Our all time favorite is the What's in the Bible series by Phil Vischer. We all learned a lot about the Bible and church history from watching those. I recommend them to everyone. They are so worth the investment.

    This year we are giving our 7 year old son a 3D puzzle and his first chocolate bunny. We are currently out of the country on mission and so I am excited to give him a bunny for his first Easter out of the States. We are currently in Montreal, Canada.


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