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20 Ways To Make Your Next Family Movie Night Awesome!

My husband works every other Saturday, so unfortunately when he get's home there isn't time to really go someplace as a family and "do something", but luckily my kids are always in the mood for a family movie night.

 Whether it's a rainy day, it's too hot, it's too cold, everyone in the family is sick, or you're just looking for something fun to do a family movie night just might be in order.

 While popping in a family friendly flick and then popping some popcorn make for an easy event there are ways to make your family movie night a little more awesome without a terrible amount of effort. Now you could go all "Pinterest Mom Crazy" and do every single one of these ideas or use them as a spring board for your own creative adventures.

 I've tried to keep this list to simple things that involve the kids in a fun activity that don't require a ton of setup.

Make Movie Night Awesome By Adding Pizza Before the Show

 1) Make your own pizza dough, and watch youtube videos to learn how to toss it with the kids. If you're family is gluten free Chebe dough (affiliate link) is one of the few tossable options, the rest fall apart. (Ask me how I know).

 2) Setup a toppings bar and let your kids simply top their own pizzas.

 3) Have your kids play pizza man and "deliver" a homemade pizza to the front door. Just make sure it's in a container that won't ruin dinner if it's dropped. (As a bonus be sure to tip them).

 Make Movie Night Awesome By Adding Awesome Snacks
(While I'm a huge advocate of natural, healthy snacks I'm also of the opinion an occasional splurge is okay too.)

 4) Try to create movie themed snacks. These certainly don't need to be complicated, just fun. Check out these Pins for inspiration.

 5) Involve the kids in prep work for the snacks as much as possible.

 6) Make a spread of dips. Think, cheesey, ranchy, and sweet. Provide plenty of munchies for the kids to enjoy.

 7) Make a Sundae bar or Blizzard station. This can be an incredibly sugary option unless you opt for natural fruit toppings and a carb friendly ice cream.

 8) Make popcorn on your stove top rather than in the microwave. Even if your kids aren't old enough to help you make popcorn they'll enjoy watching if they've never seen popcorn made the "real" way before. Jiffy pop is always fun, although buying a bag of kernels is infinitely cheaper in the long run.

 Make Movie Night Awesome By Adding Imaginative Play

 9) Do a movie premier themed night and have everyone dress up in their fanciest. Give air kisses, call each other "Dahling!" and don't forget to have someone play the role of the reporter.

 10) Dress up in movie themed costumes. There's no need to break the bank buying "official" costumes when raiding mom and dad's closest and accessory drawer generally yield a ton of fun options. Princess and pirates are always easy to pull together. Make Movie Night Awesome By Not Watching From The Couch 

11) Build a living room fort in a prime location for T.V. viewing.

 12) Watch from sleeping bags and let the kids camp out after the movie is over. If you don't have sleeping bags check your local thrift store I always see a ton come through ours. Just wash first.

 13) Grab every spare pillow and fluffy blanket from your house and make a huge pile on the floor.

14) Hook up your T.V, computer, or projector outside and watch from under the stars. Don't forget the bug spray.

 Make Movie Night Awesome By Adding Crafts and Decorations 

15) Have your kids create movie posters or color movie coloring pages. Make it more fun by letting them use paints instead of boring old crayons.

16) Create movie themed crafts as a family.

17) Decorate your viewing area to match the setting of the movie. Crepe paper is cheap and with a little creativity can become water, ice, the jungle, or a hundred other things.

Make Movie Night Awesome By Choosing a Movie Everyone Will Love

18) If you have a spread of ages, and there is no pleasing everyone with a favorite choose 2 family friendly movies (one geared to the older, one geared to the younger) and pull a double feature. 

19) Read plugged in reviews first to know about any trouble spots that may be in a movie. 

20) Check out Veggies In Space. (my affiliate link). It's the newest of the veggie tales bunch and my family loved it! Your kids will think it's hysterical and there are plenty of sci-fi references to keep the adults laughing as well. References to Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, and other cult flicks won't be lost on the geeks in the family.

 It's also only an hour long, so if you do have older ones in your family it's short enough to easily do a double feature. But even as a teenager I still loved the talking vegetables. You can get the DVD from major retailers or just stream from Amazon if you want instant gratification. (also my affiliate link.)

 Either way this is a wholesome hilarious movie your family would love. What does your family do to make movie night special? I'd love to hear if you try any of these. 

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Veggies In Space in exchange for my honest review. The ideas to make movie night awesome are my own.

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