Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Is How 2013 Begins

I wake up to loud cracks and booms, then whining, and the sound of someone (read one very nervous beagle) shaking the baby gate to try and get upstairs.

The baby cries, the other two little ones sleep soundly.  My husband get's up to soothe our son so he doesn't regress and start nursing at night again.

This is how 2013 begins for my family.

Pretty mundane, but oh so blessed.

A home, a family, a warm bed, and a terrified pooch.

Maybe at 1:15 I was a little annoyed at the parties that were apparently shooting off fireworks very close to our home, but I'm more grateful than annoyed as this year begins.

I look forward in anticipation of how God will bless and how we can serve.

2013 is here, at the moment it looks very similar to 2012, except the end isn't written yet.

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