Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Need Your Recipes and a BIG Annoucement

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to leave an Amazon review for the "ABC's of Freezer Cooking" I am overwhelmed by how this book has blessed everyone.  Positive reviews are more helpful than you can imagine for a new author like me.  They are soooooo appreciated.  With that being said, the reviewers have spoken and:

People want more recipes! 

I never intended for the "ABC's of Freezer Cooking" to be a cookbook, just a book that would teach the average homemaker how to freezer cook so they didn't wind up with a fire in the bottom their oven like I did the first time I tried to make all my meals for a month in one day.  With that being said, I would LOVE to add more recipes, but quite frankly I need MORE before I can add more.

I need some amazing ORIGINAL recipes, like yesterday!

If you have a fantastic recipe that freezes well, would you send it to me?  I'd love to include it in an updated copy of my book.  If you have one I would of course include a link to your Blog, twitter, pintrest, Facebook page, or whatever social media you might like.  But here's the really cool part:

The recipes that I choose to use for my book will be a part of a contest when I relaunch the book in April.  

I'm in the process of seeking sponsors right now, but there will be some GREAT prizes.  We'll have everyone vote on the best recipes!  It will be great PR if you have a website of your own, but you don't need one to enter the contest it's just a bonus.

Relaunch time will also bring some more great giveaways too.

Long story short: If you have an original recipe (or several) send it to lessonsfromivy at gmail dot com.  By sending it you certify that it is your original recipe and you've given me the right to publish it.  If your recipe is chosen I'll e-mail you with something more "official".  Please send me your recipes by Thursday January 10th.  I would like to update the book by the end of the week.

Would you mind sharing this post with your friends?  The more recipes the better.  I'm hoping to add at least 30, right now I'm at 0.  I'd love to add 50 or more.

One more thing, and it's the most important thing.  Please pray that God continues to bless, and enables me to improve this book.  My family desires to enter into full time ministry and book sales will help that.

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