Friday, November 23, 2012

Should Christians Exchange Christmas Gifts?

Black Friday is upon us.  Giving gifts is part of the season, it's a tradition that has been ingrained in everyone when it comes to Christmas.  Black Friday is of course one of the best days to get gifts because of all the door busters and sales.  So I'm not going to go against the tide today and grouse about materialism and all the sins that go with it.

Christmas is about Christ, but we also celebrate by giving gifts.  If we make a vested effort to make the rest of the season, and year, about living for our Savior we needn't (and this is just my opinion) feel guilty about indulging our loved ones with presents on one day.  I want to just share a few things as we enter into the "shopping season."

1)  Buying a present may not be sinful, but spending more than you ought probably is.

2) God promises wisdom (James 1) if we ask.  So ask before you buy gifts pray for wisdom, especially when it comes to the amount of money your budget can handle.

3) Try to buy gifts that will be blessings to others.

4) Buy your presents, wrap them, then be done with it.  Make the most out of the holiday season by staying away from commercialism, and go out of your way to celebrate Jesus every day.

5) Give generously to the cause of Christ.  Statistically speaking my generation is incredibly anemic when it comes to giving.  I'll probably write a post sometime in December specifically about giving but for now I'll say this.  I'm sure your Aunt Mable will love that $100 widget you buy her, but would she also like the $25 widget that would enable you to give $75 to a missionary in her name?

What other guidelines do you think Christians should follow when it comes to buying Christmas presents?

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