Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Leaving Amish Paradise, Trusting and Thanking God

My husband and I watched an interesting BBC documentary last night about 2 families who were leaving the Amish community.  Unlike some American shows that have highlighted the same thing these families weren't leaving the Amish out of rebellion they were leaving the Amish out of religious conviction.

A harnessed horse waits for his owner to return.Ephraim, whose family the documentary centered on had a deep desire to preach the Gospel message and evangelize to others.  Unfortunately the Amish saw this type of behavior as proud and shunned he and his family for this.

The doccumentary followed Ephraim handing out tracts and sharing the plan of salvation to people on street corners.  They showed him challenging the notion that people could get to heaven simply because they were "good".

What was most amazing to watch however was the families unfailing trust in God, as they embarked on service for him.  Ephraim and his family had recently given their entire life savings to another family in desperate need.  They felt lead by the Lord in the spirit of Luke 12:21, but now they were penniless.  As we watched the show, I hoped that God would demonstrate his provision for the family who had put their trust wholly in Him.

Over and Over again God provided.

He provided them with inexpensive good running vehicles twice, He healed their daughter of Leukemia, He lead their family to a home where they could live RENT FREE for the summer and spring months, He provided benevolence so Ephraim could continue to spread the Gospel without the need to work full time, and when their period of free rent had ended God immediately provided work for the family.  (Which is a miracle in and of itself considering how long some people will wait to find jobs.)

This family could have grumbled about their situation.  They were shunned by family, friends, and the community they grew up in.  They could have become heart broken. But they didn't.

They blessed God, they thanked God, and they served God.

I'm not saying that this family is perfect, or an example everyone should follow.  But I am absolutely amazed at their ability to remain thankful in the hardest of circumstances.

As we watched the documentary the narrator would say, "Ephraim prayed that God would send them a place to live rent free."  My husband looked at me and said, "oh I hope he get's it."  Sure enough within 3 days they were moving into a home where they could stay rent free.

God is Amazing.  The family could have chosen to see the previous 3 years as the worst years of their life, but they didn't.  They saw God's blessings, they saw God's provision, and most of all they were thrilled to be serving Him.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
 Galatians 6:7

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