Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Have Quiet Time When Your Children are Little

I remember in college I used to spend hours a day just reading the Bible.  This isn't to brag, I was a theology student so it was required if I wanted a passing grade.  When I got married and started a "real" job I no longer had the leisure to read the Bible as much as I did in college.  Then when I had babies, one, two, three all within 37 months, my prayer and devotional life changed greatly.

One of the reasons why I wrote "Devotions for The First Few Days" was because of how drastically my "spiritual walk" changed after having a baby.  It's been a process accepting the fact I just can't sit down, read the Bible, and pray for hours upon hours anymore.  My littlest is barely one and my oldest is four.  These kiddos need their Mommy, constantly.  I've been really busy!

It would be easy to say that I'm simply stretched too thin for daily quiet time, but parenting on my own strength simply isn't an option.  There's no way I can raise my children for God if He isn't central in my life.  I'm not saying I have a perfect devotional and prayer life, but this is how it looks in the trenches.

1) I try to read my Bible daily even if it's just a few verses.  Sometimes all I've had time for is to read the verses I've written on index cards.

2) My husband and I also strive to pray twice a day together, that way we generally almost always pray once a day together.

3) I attend Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday Evening Worship, and Wednesday Night church.  Spending 4 hours in church every week, certainly doesn't make me a super Christian.  In fact most often I'm in the nursery just listening to the lesson/sermon.

4) Listening to sermons while doing housework, or computer work also helps me learn God's Word.

5) Part of growing my blog (which is part of my work at home business  means reading other blogs and developing relationships with other bloggers, mostly via comments.  I am therefore very selective in the other blogs I read, I try to make sure the posts I spend my time on will edify me spiritually.

6) I've written prayer requests on index cards and hung them around the house.  As I see them I try to remember to pray.  Eventually they just become part of the background and seeing them doesn't trigger the reminder to pray.  When this happens change where they're hanging.

8) I play hymns and sing at my piano.  I'm firmly convinced every home needs a hymnal, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a hymnology teacher either.

7) Sometimes the only scripture I get a chance to read is to my children.  Reading them actual scriptures rather than stories is something I'm trying to get better at.

I definitely don't have the whole "quiet time" thing figured out, but drawing close to God has been refreshment for those weary moments in motherhood.  What do you do with your quiet time? (My comments are working again, so be sure to leave one).

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