Thursday, October 25, 2012

No Child Is Illegitimate

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There have been some politicians lately who have really chosen their words poorly in regards to their stance on abortion.  The media of course has done their part in twisting accordingly.  As a result I've seen so many pro-abortion news articles come across my Facebook friend's status feeds lately. It makes me just want to scream "STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!"  There are so many things I've considered posting in my own status, but haven't because it is not my place to condemn anyone, and I don't want to make any woman who has already had an abortion feel worse than she already does.  (According to statistics, this is 1/3 of all women).

This morning for my devotion I read the first few chapters of 1 Chronicles.  A bunch of names, strung together,of people who died thousands of years ago.  Boring right?  NOT AT ALL.

The chronologies of scripture are like Cliff Notes for the Bible.  Hundreds of years of history condensed into a few short verses.  Kings, Dukes, patriarchs, nations, and scandals all contained in the names of genealogies.  The fact these genealogies were so meticulously kept is miraculous.

What's interesting about the genealogies of the Bible though are the fact that they contain some of the worst scandals imaginable.  Rather than erasing the evils of Biblical figures, the Bible makes sure they're there for everyone to see.  When looking at history, this is not common.  Many other religious and national histories in the world go to great lengths to hide their darker side where as the Bible embraces it.

The Bible doesn't hide it's children that were ill conceived.  Children conceived out of marriage, Concubines, hand maidens, open adultery and second wives (also a form of adultery) are not hidden.   How many people lived during this historical time, and were never mentioned in the Bible? And yet  these children are mentioned many times in the Bible and some are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ himself.

These ill-conceived children were important to God.  The shame and truth of their conception was not hidden perhaps because we need a very important reminder in this day and age where women legally have a "choice" to kill an ill conceived child if they find themselves in similar situations.

There is no such thing as an illegitimate child, only an illegitimate conception.  A baby in it's mother's womb is innocent and not responsible for it's parents sin.  This includes a father's HORRIBLE sin of forcing himself upon a woman.  It is not in the will of God for people to sin against one another, but if they do, nature sometimes takes it's course and a child is conceived.  These children are no less valuable to God because of how they were conceived.

I am so grateful to every woman who finds herself in a difficult situation and chooses to honor the child's life within her by not committing another sin.  A sin against an unborn child, her own body, and a sin against God.  For every woman who "chooses" life, thank you.

My husband as I've mentioned before is adopted.  It's interesting because the woman who gave birth to him was divorced and already had three children.  I've often wondered why she chose to put my husband up for adoption even though she already understood the intense love a mother has for her children.  Perhaps it was because she knew she could never love my husband because of how he was conceived.  My husband has absolutely no information regarding his father so it isn't too far fetched to think his conception was the product of a horrible violation.

Of course this isn't pleasant to think about, but it doesn't diminish my husband's value in my eyes, his family's eyes, or the eyes of God.  Whatever the case was, my husband's bio-mom found herself in a difficult situation, and chose not to kill my husband, and as a result 4 lives were saved that day, and future generations as well.

No one wants to think that they were descended from harlots, adulterers, concubines, and the like, but God can redeem even the worst of situations even if they weren't originally in his will.

A note to anyone who has had an abortion.  God is a God of grace.  If something I've posted seems mean-spirited to you please know that was not my intention, blame my poor writing.  Christ came that no one would be condemned, and offers forgiveness to anyone who believes. 

You are more than welcome to comment by clicking on the post title, but please note this is a Christian blog, and you won't change my mind on this issue particularly because my husband is adopted.  All pro-choice comments will be deleted (I generally allow discussion but not on this issue) and hateful abusive comments will be reported to Facebook   I know this issue incites emotions, but  unless the risk of losing your Facebook account is worth it to you (and they do track IP addresses) don't leave an abusive comment.


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