Friday, October 12, 2012

My Thoughts on Health Care

I took all three of my kids today to the doctors for their regular physical.  Even though my mother was there to help, I still hate doctor's visits.  I could think of a hundred different ways to spend three hours of my morning that don't involve a doctor's office and three children growing more impatient by the moment.

I'm always nervous.  I'm nervous that there will be bad news, I'm nervous that they'll have a reaction to one of the vaccines we've chosen to give them, and I'm nervous the kids, or me will have a melt down.

As I mentioned in a post last week my family is switching from our traditional health insurance (which was costing 30% of our income) to a Christian Medical sharing program.  Since we're switching at the end of this month we all needed to get our exams in while their still 100% covered by our current insurance.  If I'm going to pay out the nose for premiums you can bet I want to get my money's worth in wellness visits before we make the switch.

It was a busy morning, but you know what?

My children have access to a Doctor! My children are minutes away from dozens of clinics and excellent hospitals.

We're thrilled with the break in costs we'll be getting with this new health care (we're saving $400 a month!). But health care is still expensive, what's amazing is even the poorest of poor in this country (even before Obamacare kicks in) have access to health care right now.  They can walk into ER's and won't be refused treatment even if they can't pay.

When I was talking to my children's pediatrician today about our insurance change and how expensive my husband's health care was for us he said, "And that is why we should all go visit Africa."

How true, even if we were stuck paying the premiums we were, we are still so much better off here in this country.

How blessed we are sometimes and we don't even know it.

*Note the link to Medi-Share is a referral link, if you visit their website and like what you see and switch to their health care, then we both get gift cards.

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