Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mentoring, and a Working Link Up

When my Grandma-Lettie was a young mom her best friend was many years her senior.  She may not have realized it at the time but the friendship she developed with her church friend was actually a mentor relationship.

Let's face it there are so many times when trying to fulfill God's call as a wife and mother is just plain hard.  There's just so much pressure not to "mess things up."  We hold a lot of power as women for the tone of our homes.  And like every good super-hero movie says, "With great power comes great responsibility."  That responsibility is sometimes OVERWHELMING!

So where are all these mentors and Titus 2 women everyone keeps talking about?  Where are the women that when we confess about a cooking disaster or a child's misbehavior, they laugh with us and assure us that's perfectly normal?

First of all I'm am blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my mother and grand-parents so I receive plenty of godly encouragement from them, but I've also discovered there are so many "real" women online sharing their stories and struggles and that makes me feel like the desperate feeling I sometimes get is perfectly normal.

I posted a facebook status update yesterday about a recipe fail I had over the weekend, it was supposed to be pumpkin bread but wound up as pudding (sometimes turning something gluten and sugar free doesn't always work) and one of my bloggy friends shared a picture of one of her recipe disasters.

We're in the trenches together ladies, and do you know what?  I pray for you.  I really do.  I hope you find encouragement here because your comments, your blog posts, and knowing that I can be a blessing to others encourages me!

Now for the link-up, I'm so sorry it wasn't working last week : (
Long story short I never had time to investigate and fix the problem.

So for fun this week every blogger that links up will get a copy of my new eBook for free!!! Just be sure to leave your e-mail when you link. Because of spammers you must have a link to my blog in your post or on your homepage somewhere.  http://www.lessonsfromivy.com  I'll send out the books tonight.

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